Single Stories in English        



Alec's Passion  (500 words)     

What does Alec Freeman like best in his spare time?  


Code Eight-Two-Two  (475 words)    

A piece of conversation between two men on Moonbase.   


Ford's Baking Skills  (492 words)       

Keith Ford struggles with a gift for his friend.


Going to a Meeting  (341 words)     

Miss Ealand leaves her office for a meeting.  


His Last Desire  (1.400 words)   

Dr. Jackson has fallen in love ...


Home Time  (497 words)     

Miss Ealand wants to leave her office, but it's raining hard. 


Monologues After Death  (2.500 words)   

Astronaut Craig Collins is dead. Drifting in space, his consciousness is still working and thinking about his life and death, wondering if his colleagues will miss him. 


Paul's Aunt  (500 words)   

Paul Foster visits his aunt after several months. Will he be welcome?


The Envelope  (967 words) 

Ed Straker gets a strange envelope, sent to his office address.  


The Secret Code  (6.800 words)   

While examining the set of a new film at Harlington-Straker, Commander Straker and Colonel Foster get into serious troubles. Can Colonel Freeman arrive right in time?